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Tea for Two [Oscar Peterson]



(確か)9種類の SongBook の中から Harry Warren & Vincent Youmans Songbooks
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Lullaby Of Broadway
Serenade In Blue
You'll Never Know
I Had The Craziest Dream
I Only Have Eyes For You
Chattanooga Choo-Choo
More Than You Know
Without A Song
Drums In My Heart
Time On My Hands
Great Day
Tea For Two
Time On My Hands
I Know That You Know
Sometimes I'm Happy
Great Day
More Than You Know
Without A Song
I Want To Be Happy
Serenade In Blue
Lullaby Of Broadway
I Found A Million Dollar Baby
Would You Like To Take A Walk?
I'll String Along With You
I Only Have Eyes For You
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
Chattanooga Choo Choo
You're My Everything
Tea for Two (Live in Los Angeles, 1952)


The London House Sessions (Complete London House) [Oscar Peterson]

以前、The Trio で取り上げた The London House でのライブ録音 5枚組 アルバムで、300タイトル(?…沢山)前後あるPeterson の中でも明るく元気いっぱいで聴く機会の多いアルバムです。

いずれ本当の意味での Complete 盤 が出そうな気が…
なお、この Session の評論は コチラコチラ を参考にして下さい(プロのご意見です)
因みに、ここで紹介,分売されて居る 4枚も生憎持ち合わせて居るのです…如何にチャント聴いていないか解りますね(笑)

[Disc 1]
1-01 I've Never Been In Love Before
1-02 In The Wee Small Hours Of The M
1-03 Chicago
1-04 The Night We Called It A Day
1-05 Sometimes I'm Happy
1-06 Whisper Not
1-07 Billy Boy
1-08 Tricrotism
1-09 Billy Boy (previously unissued)

[Disc 2]
2-01 On Green Dolphin Street
2-02 Thag's Dance
2-03 Ill Wind
2-04 Kadota's Blues
2-05 Put On A Happy Face
2-06 Old Folks
2-07 Woody 'n' You
2-08 Yesterdays

[Disc 3]
3-01 Diablo
3-02 Soon
3-03 The Lonesome One
3-04 There Is No Greater Love
3-05 I Remember Clifford
3-06 Autumn Leaves
3-07 Blues For Big Scotia
3-08 Swamp Fire
3-09 I Love You
3-10 It Happened In Monterey
3-11 Billy Boy

[Disc 4] - 未発表曲
4-01 Introduction
4-02 On Green Dolphin Street (previo
4-03 Moanin' (previously unissued)
4-04 Billy Boy (previously unissued)
4-05 Scrapple From The Apple (previo
4-06 Jim (previously unissued)
4-07 Band Call (previously unissued)
4-08 The Night We Called It A Day (p
4-09 The Lonesome One (previously un
4-10 The Gravy Waltz (previously uni
4-11 Woody 'n' You (previously uniss
4-12 Soon (previously unissued)
4-13 Daahoud (previously unissued)

[Disc 5] - 未発表曲
5-01 As Long As There's Music (previ
5-02 Close Your Eyes (previously uni
5-03 Cubano Chant (previously unissu
5-04 Sometimes I'm Happy (previously
5-05 Sophisticated Lady (previously
5-06 Better Luck Next Time (previous
5-07 Confirmation (previously unissu

The Trio [Oscar Peterson]


それは Oscar PetersonThe TRIO と云うアルバムです。

片方の名盤として名高いアルバムは 1961 年に出され、同年発売の The Sound of the Trio 翌年 1962 年に発売された Something Warm 及び Put On a Happy Face と シカゴにある The London House でのライブ録音のシリーズの一部として発売されて居て(好きな方は既にご存じの事と思います)それらは 1996 年にまとめられ CD 2枚分の未発表曲とともに 5枚組 The London House Sessions として発売されました。
the trio-live in chicago
01 Ive Never Been In Love Before
02 In the Wee Small Hours Of the Morning
03 Chicago
04 The Night We Called It A Day
05 Sometimes I'm Happy
06 Whisper Not
07 Billy Boy
08 The lonesom One
09 The Gravy Waltz
10 Woody 'n' You
11 Soon
12 Daahoud
Oscar Peterson (p)
Ray Brown (b)
Ed Thigpen (ds)

で、もう片方のアルバム1973 年に同じタイトルで、演奏者が Joe Pass, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen のトリオで発売されて居ます(このアルバムは同年 ドイツで Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album と云うジャズレコードの賞を貰っているそうです)
the trio 02 _1
01 Blues Etude
02 Chicago Blues
03 Easy Listenin Blues
04 Come Sunday
05 Secret Love

片や Peterson の名盤として名声を博し、片やジャズレコードとして受賞すると云う…

流石に Peterson のアルバムには当たり外れがありませんね。

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